Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) and ATVET for Women

Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training (ATVET) and ATVET for Women

Farmer, women, youth and producer organisations require professional capacity development and training to achieve the scale and scope of agricultural development that will transform the continent and make its rural areas food secure and poverty free. As yet, however, the provision of agricultural skills development and vocational training in Africa has been largely inadequate across the value chain. The NEPAD Agency launched a new project to promote technical vocational education and training in the agriculture sector (ATVET) in support of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).


Background on the CAADP-ATVET Community of Practice

Rules of Engagement for the CAADP-ATVET Community of Practice...

CAADP ATVET helps to create more coherent policies for agricultural education and training in Africa, particularly for women and young people who are the most valuable asset for Africa’s future. CAADP ATVET fills a thematic gap in the current CAADP process and has a strong potential to...

The context:

1.A growing Africa
2.Food and nutrition security remains a challenge
3.A young Continent
4.Challenge of ‘how’ to build on the demographic dividend

​The Presentation discusses the following areas:

1.Challenges of Youth Employment in Africa
2.Continental Policy Response from AUC/NEPAD Agency on Youth Employment
3.ATVET and ATVET for Women as A Response to Skills Development in Agriculture
4. ATVET Results

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