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African Institute for Mathematical Science (AIMS) – Next Einstein Initiative

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) – Next Einstein Initiative-Cameroon

Project: AIMS- Cameroon
Decsription: AIMS-Cameroon is being launched as part of the AIMS Next Einstein Initiative, a coordinated programme to launch 15 AIMS centres across the continent. This ambitious plan has won support from the Governments of Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada, and international companies such as Google, recently winning the Project 10^100 competition, selected as one of 5 winners out of 150000 entries as well as RIM the makers of Blackberry.

AIMS is already making a big difference: since 2003, 560 students – 30% of them women – from 38 African countries have graduated from the AIMS-Network. Over 80% have gone into Master's and PhD programs directly after AIMS at excellent universities in Africa and abroad. AIMS graduates are now strengthening African universities, research centers, government and industry. For example, many of the mathematics lecturers at the Universities of Zambia and Khartoum are AIMS graduates and are now in turn educating hundreds of students each year.  Among the AIMS graduates;  55 have completed PhDs, 233 completed Research Masters, and many more are in the process of completing similar further qualifications".

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