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Infrastructure Skills for Development (IS4D)

Infrastructure Skills for Development (IS4D) - Kenya

The Infrastructure Skills for Development (IS4D) initiative was developed following the signing of an MOU between the government of Australia and the NEPAD Agency. One of the major objectives of the MoU is to facilitate the implementation of priority PIDA projects by capacitating the individuals responsible for the projects. It is on this basis that the Infrastructure Skills for Development (IS4D) was created under this MOU with the aim of delivering an action learning program for key professionals in public sector agencies critical to delivering priority PIDA infrastructure projects. The real-time package of support to be delivered to participants whilst they are ‘on-the-job’ will allow them to achieve the broader project management competencies necessary for them to effectively fulfill their role and fast-track the development and delivery of large scale infrastructure project(s) they are working on.  

Under this initiative, a list of priority PIDA projects was jointly developed to benefit from the IS4D Program and the Joint missions (NEPAD and the Australian Team) visited the target countries, RECs and related stakeholders and agencies including: Senegal for the Dakar-Bamako Project and the New Port of Dakar project; In EAC region / Kenya – the Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority (NCTTCA), the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company, and the Tanzania Power Authority.

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