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Africa Power Vision

Africa Power Vision-Algeria

Project : Solar – Desertec Sahara Solar Project

Countries/Region : Algeria, Niger, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Chad | Northern Africa

Project Location : North-Western Sahara

Sector/Subsector : Energy/Generation and Transmission

Project Description : The Desertec organisations promote the generation of electricity in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe using renewable sources, such as solar power plants and wind parks. In addition, they are developing a Euro-Mediterranean electricity network, primarily made up of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission cables.


Project : Gas Pipeline – Nigeria-Algeria Gas Pipeline Project

Countries/Region : Nigeria, Niger and Algeria | West and North Africa regions

Project Location : 4,400 km pipeline from Qua Ibom Terminal (Calabar, Nigeria), through Niger to Hassi
R’Mel (Algeria)

Sector/Subsector : Energy/Transmission of Gas

Project Description : Construction of a natural gas pipeline designed to connect with the existing Trans-Mediterranean, Maghreb-Europe, Medgaz, and Galsi pipelines across the Mediterranean sea.


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