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Agriculture Technical Vocational Education and Training (ATVET)

Agriculture Technical Vocational Education and Training (ATVET)-Benin

Although a general national policy of TVET existed in the Ministry of Labour and Public Employment, agriculture was not initially recognised and prioritized.  After a review process, agriculture education was then included in the National Qualification Framework. 

Based on economic analyses and availability of employment opportunities, two value chains comprising of rice and meat (poultry, pork and goat meat), were selected in the development of ATVET curricular in Benin.  Teaching staff from three training institutions, consisting of two in the South of Benin and one in the North received competency-based training and corresponding occupational standards in the two value chains. Three market-oriented vocational training standards curricular were designed for initial formal and in-service training. Ten qualification measures and eight entrepreneurial skills were offered. In 2015, 61 students (18 females) were trained.

The National Regulatory Institution, Ministries of Education and Agriculture, other training institutions, private sector and practitioners from the various segments of the value chain were involved in implementing ATVET. Pilot short-term trainings and long-term trainings consisting of three semesters have been initiated and are scheduled to continue in 2016.  



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