Presentations & Materials of the ASTII-2 Joint training workshop (NEPAD/ASTII – HSRC/CeSTII – UIS) Cape Town: 23-27 April 2012-05-17

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Monday 23 April 2012

Basic definitions of S&T, R&D and innovation by Martin Schaaper (UIS) - Download

Linking STI indicators to policy By Shamila Nair-Bedouelle (UNESCO) - Download

Country presentations of STI structures, policies and indicator systems, status of STI indicators -Download (Burundi) | Download STI Profiles (Maurituis) | Download the Maurituis Perspective

Sectoring, classifications and breakdowns by Saahier Parker (CeSTII) - Download

Measuring R&D personnel by Natalie Vlotman (CeSTII) - Download

Exercise 2 on measuring R&D personnel - Download

The ASTII Initiative by Towela Nyirenda Jere - Download 


Tuesday 24 April 2012         


Measuring R&D expenditure by Julien Rumbelow (CeSTII) - Download

Country presentations of STI structures, policies and indicator systems, status of STI indicators -Bostwana | Liberia | Tunisia | Swaziland |  ECOWAS

Measuring innovation: basic definitions by Cheryl Moses (CeSTII) - Download

Measuring R&D: Challenges faced by developing countries by Martin Schaaper (UIS) - Download

Measuring Science, Technology and Innovation (STI): Definitions from a statistical perspective by by Martin Schaaper (UIS) - Download


Thursday 26 April 2012  


History and introduction to the Community Innovation Survey (CIS) and how it can fit in an African context by Fred Gault (UNU-MERIT and IERI) - Download

Survey procedure: how to identify and approach the target population; sampling techniques (specific for innovation surveys) by Moses Sithole (CeSTII) - Download

Survey implementation (postal, face-to-face, electronic, etc.) (specific for innovation surveys)  by Cheryl Moses (CeSTII) - Download

Estimation techniques specific for innovation surveys and non-response analysis and making relevant population estimates from the survey data by Moses Sithole  (CeSTII) - Download

Metadata, security and documentation (also for R&D session) by Moses Sithole  (CeSTII) - Download

Model questionnaires for each of the 4 sectors of performance by Natalie Vlotman (CeSTII) - Download

Estimation techniques specific for R&D surveys and non-response analysis. Special attention to the HE, GOV and BUS sectors by Nazeem Mustapha and Natalie Vlotman(CeSTII) - Download

Calculating R&D indicators for evidence-based policy making. Which indicators are needed? by Fred Gault (UNU-MERIT and IERI) - Download


Friday 27 April 2012      


The science, technology and innovation policy landscape in Zambia: an overview - Download


Additional Material

UNESCO Training materials on STI Statistics - Download

Outil de formation pour les statistiques en R&D - Download



Exercice on Definitions: R&D/S&T  - Download

Exercice sur R-D, Activités S-T et Innovation - Download

Reponse de l'Exercice sur R-D, Activités S-T et Innovation - Download

Exercise on R&D personnel (Headcount and Full-time equivalents) - Download

Exercice Equivalent Temps Plein & Personne Physique - Download

Exercice 3 sur la Matrice DIRD - Download

Exercice sur l'Innovation - Download

Reponses de l'exercice sur les definitions de la R&D, Activit. ST & Innovation - Download

Exercice de 30 questions sur les definitions - Download

Short exercise on Definitions - Download

Long exercise on Definitions - Download

Responses on the long exercise  - Download


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