Summary Report : ASTII Initiative Training Workshop

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The NEPAD Agency in collaboration with the Cameroonian Ministry of Scientific Research andInnovation to the conducted a training workshop of the African Science, Technology andInnovation Indicators (ASTII) initiative held in Yaoundé, Cameroon on October 03-06, 2011.Participants invited to the workshop were Statisticians and Science, Technology and Innovation(STI) experts from the twenty-eight (28) African Union (AU) member States.

The workshop provided training on the production of Science, Technology and InnovationIndicators, as part of the process leading to the publication of the African Innovation Outlook(AIO) in 2012. Specifically, the training covered the following aspects: (a) Methodologies forthe measurement of Research and experimental development (R&D) and Innovation; (b)Understanding of R&D and Innovation definitions and concepts in relation to STI Indicators; (c)R&D and Innovation data collection and frameworks; (d) processing R&D and innovationsurvey data and analysis and dissemination; and (e) Linkages between STI indicators, sciencepolicies and development.

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